Party Like a Culinista

by Jill Donenfeld and Josie Gordon

  • Paperback, 288 pages

  • ISBN: 978-1891105500

  • $21.95

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Let’s party.

Stop eyeing those frozen mini quiches. Pass on that same old hummus tub and carrot sticks. Put down the pizza delivery menu. Caterers and seasoned party experts Jill Donenfeld and Josie Gordon are here to show you how to throw fresh, fun, and downright delicious dinner parties with ease and style. If you’re looking for real food that’s simple to prepare and will make you feel great inside and out, Party Like a Culinista is for you.

The Culinista way to party is all about celebrating with the best ingredients—minimally processed whole foods, lots of greens and grains, seasonal and local when you can—to create incredible health-minded dishes that will wow your guests without weighing them down. Jill and Josie have written detailed menus that make dinner parties stress-free with lots of tips for pre-party planning and easy multi-task cooking. They even include a break for that essential wardrobe change so you’ll be looking great and frazzle-free when hungry guests arrive. 

From sunny brunches to BBQ blowouts, last-minute get-togethers to intimate parties for two, Party Like a Culinista has inspired menus for any and every occasion. Many recipes are vegetarian or vegan-friendly and menus are balanced to splurge in just the right places. Rosemary popcorn popped in olive oil, sweet pea and zucchini pancakes with mint and chive crème fraiche, bruschetta topped with fava bean pesto, and warm pita dipped in a spicy lemon and date chutney are hors d’oeuvres a hostess can be proud of. Collard-wrapped burritos stuffed with quinoa, black beans, and veggies, falling-apart pulled pork with red miso and pineapple jam, and lasagna layered with spinach and roasted butternut squash are soul-satisfying twists on comfort food classics. With everything from picnic-friendly salads to cocktails, wine pairings, and sweet-tooth takeaways, you’ll always have a delicious reason to party.

This is not just another entertaining cookbook. Jill and Josie infuse each dish with creativity and spunk, each menu with enough detail to make dinner parties approachable, and each gathering with enough style to make dining together effortlessly, beautifully, deliciously fun.
— Joy Wilson, Joy the Baker

About the Authors

Having cooked for every type of party from sunset beachside gatherings with a few friends to celeb-dotted dinner parties, Jill Donenfeld and Josie Gordon have cultivated a collection of rock-out recipes for any occasion.

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