Latin Evolution

by Jose Garces

  • Hardcover, 304 pages

  • ISBN: 978-1891105371

  • $38.00

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Latin Evolution contains a wide variety of recipes spanning the globe, from the Basque region of Spain to the coast of Peru to city of Buenos Aires. Some dishes are inspired by Chef Garces’ childhood, some developed and featured at his restaurants.  Others are based on his far-reaching culinary imagination. His philosophy - that cuisine is constantly evolving - leads him to create dishes that are both authentic and innovative. To invigorate traditional recipes, he makes use of new ingredients and techniques, often producing surprising combinations. Behind these recipes are unexpected shapes, textures, colors and, of course, flavors.

The development this collection begins with a simple question: what is at the core of each dish? Chef Garces’ challenge is “to improve the concept of the dish without changing its soul.”  His Bluefin Tuna Tiradito features spicy watermelon and black sesame seeds, while the classic Mexican dish Turkey Mole features sesame-seed praline and shavings of Valrhona chocolate. Chef Garces’ version of basic South American shellfish ceviche uses traditional techniques while incorporating more avant garde ingredients black truffles, Meyer lemon and micro arugula. His adaptation of the Arepas that he learned to make as a child is corn cakes browned in sizzling vegetable oil (similar to those sold by Ecuadorian street vendors), topped with Caribbean-inspired oxtail ropa vieja and finished off with the addition of crisp bacon and tomatoes in a salute to North American flavors. The result is a dish that reflects both his heritage and his contemporary style.

About the Author

Chef Jose Garces is a key visionary in the movement to reinvigorate classic Latin cooking, traditions, and flavors in ways that are modern and exciting while retaining their cultural authenticity.

Jose is one of those rare talents who can take a classic dish and transform it into modern fare—simpler and better than the original. This extraordinary book takes traditional Latin dishes and propels them into the future.
— DOUGLAS RODRIGUEZ (Chef, restaurateur, and acclaimed godfather of Nuevo Latino cuisine)
Diana Kuan