The Cook-Zen Way to Eat

by Machiko Chiba

  • Paperback, 176 pages

  • ISBN: 978-1891105442

  • $17.95

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Machiko Chiba’s microwave cook pot, the Cook-Zen, will change the way you cook. Cooks have all but given up on the microwave oven as a serious appliance for many of the reasons Machiko Chiba cites above.  Convinced microwave cookery needed to be rescued, the professional chef, cookbook writer, teacher and television personality, created the Cook-Zen, an award-winning cook pot whose patented design locks in moisture and distributes heat evenly, producing dishes you’d never dream of making in a microwave. Like a pressure cooker, the Cook-Zen pot reduces cooking times to mere minutes for healthy, delicious meals made simply and quickly. Welcomed by consumers in Japan, where it is a big success, the Cook-Zen pot now sells in the U.S. and is gaining new advocates, such as O, The Oprah Magazine, which praised the pot’s ability “to steam, boil, sauté, or even gently simmer—and it heats foods so evenly that you never have to hit ‘pause’ and stir your half-frozen supper midway.”


In THE COOK-ZEN WAY TO EAT: Microwaving Healthy and Delicious Meals in Minutes (Lake Isle Press; June 16, 2010; $17.95; 176 pages; paperback with French flaps; ISBN: 978-1891105442), the follow-up to THE COOK-ZEN COOKBOOK (also Lake Isle Press), Machiko Chiba has returned with even more incredible recipes made in minutes.  From international favorites such as Asian-Style Spareribs, Thai Green Curry Chicken, and Steak Teriyaki, to all-American classics such as Chili Con Carne, Classic Mashed Potatoes, and Barbecued Beans—entire meals can be made in just one pot. Even desserts are possible with the Cook-Zen—make Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries or even Chocolate Truffles without once touching the stove or oven.

An elegant Adriatic Chicken-Meatball Stew or an aromatic Seafood Bouillabaisse can be ready for company in fifteen minutes or less with Lemon Mousse for dessert. Whether you wish to entertain with Scallop Pilaf and Mussels Steamed with Wine and Garlic or have an easy night in with a bowl of Corn Chowder, you’ll find the perfectly simple and healthy solution in THE COOK-ZEN WAY TO EAT.

THE COOK-ZEN WAY TO EAT features many inspiring and elegant photographs plus simple step-by-step instructions for how to use the Cook-Zen.  There are five outstanding reasons to use the Cook-Zen, advises Machiko Chiba:  It is healthy, easy, quick, delicious, and safe.  There is also a sixth good reason—no more messy splatters to clean. 

Diana Kuan